Courting darkness.

Omar ibn al-Khattab said once, “When thinking about life remember this; no amount of guilt can solve the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future.”

You keep chasing the shadow,you forgot to enjoy the sunlight,then you regret your past because you were too busy doing what you’re good in,which is “Waiting for the day your luck will decide to be in your side…” Too many of us have, and always will, waste many months and years to guilt, regret, and fear, and at the end forgot how to live.
You doubt yourself enough times to carry question marks in your dreams,you wrestle with what went wrong in your life and why?,maybe because life has a funny way of working out,it doesn’t always agree with us.And if you don’t like it ,allow yourself permission to make changes.Or because you’re a human,flesh and bones and tears and sweat;you have had mornings where you have woken up disappointed and hateful,at least thank God for waking you up.

Have you ever thought,once you’re saved what then?.

Dears,who was that touched you somewhere so deep that you aren’t the same anymore?
We are so little and so small.We are all out here looking for something. Each struggling to get somewhere.
Many people use the word “depression” to explain these kinds of feelings, but depression is much more than just sadness.It is smiling without reaching the eyes, happiness without touching the heart.
But those aren’t the ones who suicide,these are the people with the most beautiful smile,wild souls,colorful minds,with eyes that shine that could light a room,they hate life but they’re the ones who are living,loving is easy for them,they’re dangerous because they know thy will survive,they always do.
Get up again, because that what you are made for, BEING UP.

Drawing by Kamil Smala.


The universal language of the souls.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
-Scott Adams.

How best to define art is still regularly debated,but for me it is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts, and observations.The universal language of the souls…
The nature of art has been described by philosopher Richard Wollheim as “one of the most elusive of the traditional problems of human culture.”
Art is a talent,not everyone has a aptitude for those kinds of things,art at its simplest, is a form of communication.

On the other side,
Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.We are naturally creative,which means it’s a skill that can be developed.
We are creative all the time,it is a struggle,a struggle to pull out of yourself what God has already given you,it’s beautiful, yet sometimes ugly.Creativity is the destruction of chaos.
A better artist is creative. But, you don’t have to be an artist to be creative.So make an effort to consciously embrace your creativity -because no matter who you are, you have it-.

God was fair with all of us,we’re all gifted in a different ways,you should find where your creativity is hiding,so you can turn your life into a work of art.

Different shades of ugly.

In my religion we say,“Only God Is Perfect.”

I have absolutely no idea what the grand artist was thinking when he decided to make me.-God,please.-
It takes me a special kind of ” being strong” to convince myself that I’m a masterpiece when the rest of the world seems to think otherwise.Maybe it’s not even about perfection but the quiet hope for it,because the alternative is far too good to pass up. That I am lovely and loved beyond measure,-as you’re too-,so I have decide this,” I DON’T EVEN WANT TO BE PRETTY.”

“But I’ve gained a lot of weight.”
“I’m fat.”
“But I’m so skinny.”
“I care too much about looking good in pictures and being perceived by guys”
“But my eyes are too big.. too black, too dull, too weak, too odd.”
“But men could never look at me with the awestruck wonder of a man in love.”

I hate when I hear this things,because the truth is that pretty alone,is never enough.

As girls,pretty close “Teens”,we grew up believing that pretty was currency.Somehow it’s true…

Let’s take your weight,you think you’re fat?
“Fat girls have a fun and bubbly personality and they don’t feel that the world revolves around them, making it easier to deal and hang out with them.” Since they’ve made it a point to focus more on their brains and their personality instead of just their looks.
On the other hand,being skinny has its own amazing features for which people feel so proud about being slim and trim.
One might think that I’m schizophrenic,bu I’m just trying to say “Skinny or fat your body was made to tell stories.Was made for a revolutions.”

Eyes,those are my favorite part,and the best part about anybody,I hate,from the bottom of my heart when people say they don’t like that special thing about them. Seriously,they’re the windows to our souls.However they’re,whichever color they’re,they have watched a thousand sunset and sunrise.Have cried over death and loss of someone’s dear,but also, joy, surprise , happiness…Have seen different smiles…Simply,they tell stories that could bring shame to the word ” miracle” because they’re art,they have always been.

Then dear,why would you want a man to comes and admires you?,do you really think that someone will love you when you’re at that moment,still struggling to accept yourself,darling you are not a lottery ticket winner,there is nothing wrong with you. Relax.You will be loved the day you’ll accept yourself.

So you exhausted superhuman effort into trying to be prettier,waiting for a miracle,that maybe just maybe, on day you’ll wake up and look at yourself and feel like you’re pretty,but God wasn’t fair with you because you didn’t get the luxury of being beautiful … until one day you gotta realize that there was actually so much more that you could be.

Maybe you have to face your mirror,look at all your perfect and imperfect sides,maybe you will see your ability to make the world different and by different, I mean better and by better, I mean beautiful because you’re a MASTERPIECE.

You see now,it’s not even about perfection,but about being a real girl,a palette of wonderful and ugly.